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How to get to ETSETB

The Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC) has two campus in Barcelona. We are located on the North Campus.

To reach the North Campus from any place in the city:

  • By subway:
    Metro line 3 (the green one) at "Zona Universitària" or "Palau Reial"
  • By taxi:
    The address is:
    1-3 Jordi Girona St
  • By bus:
    There are many bus lines around the Campus (7,22,33,54,63...)

The UPC North Campus is organized as a matrix of buildings with rows denoted in capital letters (A to D) and columns in numbers (1 to 6). We are in building B3-Ricardo Valle.

  Building B3-Ricardo Valle
Campus Nord
1-3 Jordi Girona Street
08034 Barcelona

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